Syncing local repo with remote server

I am a git noob. I created a local repo and a github repo. I pushed the local up to GH using git push origin master. I have since learned that main is the default now. Whatever…
I have made edits and now want to update a remote web server with these changes. I created a new dir on web server and ran git clone It seems that this only clones the main branch? Since my files are all under the master branch, what do I do? The dir on web server is empty save for the .git folder.

Thanks in advance.

You can check out the branch you want on the web server:

git checkout master

You can also change the default branch (the one that’ll be immediately checked out when cloning) in the repository settings under “Branches”. Or you could just start using the main branch instead.

See the “Switching Branches” section here:

If you’re new to Git I highly recommend reading at least chapter 2 and 3 of the Git Book for an introduction to the most important operations, the link above points at chapter 3.2.