Syncing files to another device (Atom)

Hi guys

New to coding and new to git, so please forgive my ignorance.

I have been happily learning my coding using the Atom editor and I managed to get git installed and create a training repository.

I then wanted to sync with my second laptop, which I managed to do by trial and error pretty much.

I am now trying to do the same on my desktop pc but am running into an issue.

To sync, I installed Atom and then git. Set my global name/email in config.

I then opened the git gui to clone my repo from githug, pasted in the source link (from the github site, of course) and my destination folder on my local machine.

This is how I did it when I synced on my second laptop a few days ago, but on my desktop the cloning fails with the message… fatal: unable to access ‘…git/’: SSL certificate problem: self signed certificate in certificate chain

Any ideas?

Many thanks in advance for your support.


After a bit of research, I resolved this by turning off sll verifiction at the git cli, with command;

gitconfig --global http.sslVerifyfalse

I then managed to clone the repo’s from GitHub and I have now reset it to true.


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Hi @mrsixty7,

Thank you for sharing your solution! We’re looking forward to seeing you around!