Syncing a Fork Repo.

To sync my fork with the main repo someone mentioned:

Click “New Pull Request”, then set the “head” branch and fork you want to pull the changes from, and set the “base” branch and fork you want to pull the changes to.

 Click “Compare across forks” to do so

I am trying to understand is this process done on the actual github master repo or on the actual github fork repo (or either?)

Thank you!

To contribute back to the original repo that you forked from, you need to create the pull request on the original repo. 

Here are the official docs from GitHub on Pull Requests 

I hope that helps

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Yout link is broken.  As I am understanging there are two types of Pull Requests.  There is the one that you mentioned to contribute back and there is also a pull request to update the fork from the main repo.  It is the second Pull Request I am interested in when I use Compare Across Forks.  I am wondering which site I should choose the head and base on so that I have a proper sync (the main or the fork.)

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@joshei Let me know if I’ve misinterpreted your question, as I’ve read it you want to sync your fork of a remote repository through GitHub’s UI with a pull request? If so I’ll list the steps to do so below:

As an example let’s say I’ve previously forked GitHub’s gemoji repository and now my fork is outdated, I’d see something like this when navigating to my own fork:


From here you want to click Compare , GitHub will tell you _“There isn’t anthing to compare.” _so click on the hyperlink text saying Try switching the base for your comparison.. Now you’ve inverted base and head of the comparison you can click Create pull request , give it a name, create the request and merge it in.


That’s what I was wondering, the site is my own fork that I use!



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