Synchronize your web server with Github

Hello !
I would like to develop a website in Laravel on my own server. We are two on the project. So I wanted to use GitKraken and Github to work together and see our changes etc…
I wish i could work locally with a deposit on Github. But with each push on Github this one push on the web server to directly update.
We can work each on his machine by pushing on Github (to keep our projetct on the net) and by the same occassion to update the website.

So how to do this ? It is possible ?
Thanks !

It sounds like what you want is to have a configuration such as:

  • The repository stored on GitHub as the central source of truth
  • Each developer (you mention two currently) has a repository on their local machine that they work from
  • The web server contains the deployed code

If I’m understanding correctly, yes, this is a very common system. We use it at GitHub for the website, as a matter of fact. We call it the GitHub Flow.

Let us know if you have any questions.