Synching a Visual Studio Solution to a new GitHub Repository

Hello there

I have previously uploaded a visual studio solution to a GitHub repository.

I have made some changes, and am now unable to work out how to upload them.

I have been trying for days, and now everything is in a mess.  I can copy my Visual Studio solution to another directory, but this doesn’t help - it seems to copy all my GitHub associations for reasons I do not understand.

I now want to start again, and redo the process of synching my solution to a new GitHub repository, after which I will delete the old one and rename the new one.

I am unable to do this.  When I initially uploaded the files, I did this from the “synch” button in Team Explorer.  Now when I do this, it either does nothing, or comes up with error messages I cannot follow, the latest one being “The Pull Operation Failed” - “Team Foundation Error - the system cannot find the file specified”.

I want to do the following:

  • remove the current associations between my Visual Solution and GitHub.

  • Upload my Visual Solution to the new repository I have created via the GitHub web-site.

Can somebody please tell me how I do this.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Geoff Olding

I’m not sure I understand what process you’re using to sync your solution with GitHub. Do you have the GitHub extension for Visual Studio installed?

Thanks for your reply.

No, I don’t have the GitHub Extension for Visual Studio installed, however I would be able to install it if necessary.

I have only “synced” my solution once, which uploaded the whole lot to a new GitHub repository I created for the purpose.  I have been unable to work out how to successfully undertake any further actions.

In fact I didn’t “sync” this solution directly.  I actually had to create a new solution with a different structure and copies of all the projects, and sync the restructured solution.  I had to do this because GitHub forced me to have everything in my solution come off a top level folder.

I used the “sync” button in Team Explorer  as per the screenshot below.

Many thanks

Geoff Olding

Hello there

I now have this resolved.  In the end I did the following:

  • Deleted the hidden .Git directory (this proved to be the key).

- From Visual Studio, used “File - add to Source Control” to create a new local repository

  • Pressed the sync button to upload my solution to a new repository I had created on the GitHub web-site.


Geoff Olding

I’m sorry I couldn’t be more help but I’m glad that you got things worked out!

Ok thanks

No need to apologise