Sync just some lines from master


I´m very new to GitHub and there is one question, where I did not found an answer:

I has a fork from a Git project.

I extend and add some file, and one file I modify.

let us call, this modified files name is:

Is it possible to sync just some methodes within this files?

For example, the whole

def get_sensor_config()

class Processor

all other I modified or deleted and should not updated from master.

Or did I have this always manual?

Thank you!

Hi @fohnbit,

Thank you for being here! I’ll try my best to help you here. Sounds to me like you have questions about the GitHub Flow, when you are working on your projects you have the option to customize this workflow to what works best for you. Conventionally speaking the GitHub flow will help you keep your work tidy and prevent conflicts.

Following the GitHub Flow as follows:


  1. Create a branch from the repository.
  2. Createeditrenamemove, or delete files.
  3. Send a pull request from your branch with your proposed changes to kick off a discussion.
  4. Make changes on your branch as needed. Your pull request will update automatically.
  5. Merge the pull request once the branch is ready to be merged.
  6. Tidy up your branches using the delete button in the pull request or on the branches page.

A great tool GitHub provides to learn more about and getting started in GitHub is the GitHub Learning Lab, I for sure would recommend you take a look as this might help you set some basics before diving into your project.

I hope this helps!