Symbolic links not quite working

I’m using windows 10 and git bash and I’m also using git on a linux server.  Both need access to the same repo.

I’ve managed to properly config my windows git bash so when symbolic links are created on windows using ‘ln -s’, it properly creates it and when I do a pull on the linux box, the git there is properly representing it as a symbolic link.

However, when I create a symbolic link in that repo on linux and then do a pull from the windows box, it doesn’t show up as a symbolic link even though the symbolic link it originally created with a different file is still fine.

Does anyone know if there’s a way to fix this or if it’s a bug?  In both cases, github itself shows the links as links no matter who created it so I suspect it’s a bug or configuration in git bash itself.

Hi Jeff! :wave: This appears to be a known problem when working on a mixture of Windows and Unix-like machines and using symbolic links.

Did you manage to find a solution to it?

I found this stack overflow answer that had a couple of possible approaches to take: