Switching to self-hosted - The job was not started because resource cap(s) have been exceeded

Running into this issue while switching an action from team plan to self hosted. 

Followed basic instructions to set up a self hosted instance, got “Listening for jobs” success message.

I’ve changed our workflow to use “self-hosted” rather than macOS-10.14.


We are over the 10,000 minutes limit for the month.

Got “The job was not started because resource cap(s) have been exceeded.” on the actions page.

Do I need to add to our spending limit to switch from github hosted actions to self hosted?


Hi, @ishaantaylor could you tell us which GitHub account this is please?

Hi @andymckay

I am using my own github account (ishaan <dot> taylor <at> gmail <dot> com) and another account (ci <at> voxer <dot> com) for the Voxer organization in the voxer repo (it’s private).

I also noticed the failure occurs on the first line of the workflow which seems to indicate the execution did not proceed to the point where I specified self hosted:



Sorry, your billing account was in a weird state but if you give it a try now it should be working properly. If you still have trouble, please reach out to Support directly and we’ll be glad to assist https://help.github.com/en/articles/about-github-actions#contacting-support

Thanks very much for your assistance, but it is unfortunately still failing with the same issue:

The job was not started because resource cap(s) have been exceeded.

We’re facing same issue with https://github.com/Rippling/rippling-webapp/

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I’m seeing the same issue with my account as well.