Swiftmailer Symfony Time Out error despite correct credentials

Hey, I am searching for this answer for few days now, hope I can find it here.

Basically I have a contact form on symfony which was working correctly on DEV, after moving to Prod it stopped working. I get this error in logs:

app.ERROR: Exception occurred while flushing email queue: Connection to myServer.nazwa.pl:465 Timed Out

Here is my parameters:

mailer_transport: smtp
    mailer_port: 465
    mailer_host: myHost.nazwa.pl
    mailer_user: login@domain.com
    mailer_password: Password

Here is my config:

    transport: '%mailer_transport%'
    host: '%mailer_host%'
    port: '%mailer_port%'
    username: '%mailer_user%'
    password: '%mailer_password%'
    spool: { type: memory }
    logging: true
   # delivery_addresses: ['']

If you need anything else to assist me with, just let me know