Suspicious activity in my GitActions

I have this run I noticed this morning in my actions that appears like a system update, but I’m afraid it may be doing things with crypto.

The run above has nothing to do with my repository and when I click any link to the user or commit it 404’s. I know how containers work and as an open source project I don’t very much care about access if any, as I would assume not, in case of bad actors. I figure it maybe a bug, but best reported somewhere.

Richard Miles

There are some cryptomining attacks going on at the moment, so it might be one of those:

On the plus side I guess the 404 on user and pull request indicate that account has been blocked already.

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There’s no permanent setting to limit contributions to only collaborators but the temporary interaction limits could be helpful in preventing this in the future.

So you can enable them for up to 6 months but would have to enable again after that time period.

We have received feedback from other GitHub users that having a permanent interaction limit would be useful and we can definitely advocate for this feature to the Actions product team.

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I wouldn’t care if it was related at all. It looks like spam. I can’t access the users account or the commit in question. I wouldn’t want bots using actions servers to mine crypto.

Glad everyone is aware :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update - hope all goes well!!