Surprising ordering of search results

When I search for Signal-Desktop through the command palette, the top result is a specific user’s fork (0 stars, I have no connection to the user or their fork), instead of the official signalapp/Signal-Desktop repo (11.8K stars, I’ve contributed to it before). When I search via the GitHub search bar, the top result is the official repo and the specific fork only shows up on the 4th page.

This seems really surprising both from the perspective of popularity (11.8K stars vs. 0) and relevance (I’ve made a contribution to the official repo, vs. no connection to the fork).

Steps to reproduce:

  • open the command palette on github
  • type Signal-Desktop
  • the top result is a user’s fork of Signal-Desktop
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Hi @nsunderland1 - thanks for reporting this unexpected behavior! I agree that is not what I’d expect either. I have created an issue for our backlog to investigate.