Supporting the foss community - incubation hub

Dear GitHub community,

I am in the process of setting up a project which is to support the opensource community.  For many years now I have been in awe of the sheer dedication and commitment of many developers who code, build and develop software and technology to address simple or complex problems, for free, in their spare time.   

I always find it incredibly interesting and powerful how many large profitable, multinationals use open source software to “plug into” their environments.    I am not able to comprehend a world without open source software. 

The philosophy, project and ideas can be read on our website (soon to be changed to reflective the actual purpose of the project - although we do operate an ircd network which the domain will still be valid for). 

I wish to offer the foss community an incubation programme that will include cloud computing platform (AWS/Azure) access to be able to build scalable, sustainable and develop on enterprise platforms that are akin to their end-users, again, I refer to the multinationals.   I am also in the process of building a team that can help with other more practical issues such as project management, strategy, vision and general ‘start-up’ education.

So, GitHub, here is the offer:

  • If you are a new project that needs somebody to back, you and believe in you
  • A failed project that couldn’t get the memento it needed
  • Need a platform to be able to build powerful applications 
  • Need turbocharging