Support webhook for when GHCR image published

My use case was configured to automatically deploy docker images when they are published.

Webhook worked for Docker Package.
However webhook does not work even if the image deployed with GHCR is connected to the repository.

Is there a way to use webhooks in GHCR?

This is the biggest point for me to migrate from the Github Docker package.

Yes, but the hooks are now at the organization level.

Screen Shot 2020-11-03 at 4.27.26 PM

Hello @clarkbw, Thanks for your respond.

Setup a webhook at organization level, it appears that the webhook applies to all images. Is it right?

Is it possible to select only the image that I want to apply webhook to and setup?

Thanks a lot.

Not possible right now, you need to filter the hooks based on package id / name.

is this available for individual accounts?