Support us, help save the lives of Ukrainian children and women

28 years ago Ukraine gave up its nuclear weapons for security guarantees under the Budapest memorandum. Russia has violated it and every day bombards our cities and kills innocent civilians including children. Yesterday in Mariupol, rockets hit a maternity hospital and a children’s hospital.
Ukrainian nation shows unprecedented resilience in Russia’s bloody war.
If freedom, independence and lives of innocent people are of any value to you please help us! Please, close GitHub for Russia and its developers!


GitHub’s vision is to be the home for all developers, no matter where they reside. We take our obligations with respect to government mandates seriously, which includes complying with stringent new export controls aimed at severely restricting Russia’s access to technologies and other items needed to sustain its aggressive military capabilities.

We also take seriously our responsibility to examine government mandates thoroughly to be certain that users and customers are not impacted beyond the scope of the mandates. This includes protecting open collaboration and the free flow of information in our interconnected community to support communications, humanitarian work, and organizing for change. You can read more about our policies on GitHub Docs.

In accordance with our Community Forum Code of Conduct, we are closing this discussion.

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