Support UML diagrams in markdown with plantuml syntax

+1 upvote. This amazing tool must be on github.

Any updates on this, GitHub?

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+1. This is currently supported on Gitlab and i’d like to have it on Github too

Any updates on this, GitHub?

+1 on native support in github markdown.

In the mean time, I built my workaround at GitHub - lyang/puml: Render PlantUML from Internet Content

It works for both and private github enterprise instances.

Private repos are also supported, but would need you to run your own instance of puml with an API token configured.

This feature would be really useful for documentation. If there is any alternative I haven’t discovered it yet.

+1 on native support. 4 years since requested though. Teams should be able to maintain architectural and security graphics just as they do their code. A picture speaks a thousand words.

Now mermaid is supported, this is nice and help, please could you add plantUML.


Sharing my open sourced project

Embed PlantUML Diagrams Into GitHub Markdown: Features full PlantUML support including linking to other diagrams and relative includes.


+1 for this feature. It would be incredibly useful to see diagrams in Git

+1 for this feature. Export as PNG is really painful and forces to push images in the repo for nothing.

+1 here too - please implement this, Github!

+1 for this feature. Github, don’t be the last to do it.

+1 it’ll be super helpful. Especially if also gets supported