Support UML diagrams in markdown with plantuml syntax

Joining the vote - this is a much needed feature.

In the meantime :

  1. I found this Chrom / Firefox extension to work really well:

    - Examples of how this looks in markdown files

    - More examples can be found in the project’s original GitHub repo

  1. [#shameless #plug]

     I wrote this CLI tool specifically for the purpose of adding documentation which is  close-to-code

     - Supports nested Markdown files

     - Renders PlantUML diagrams (your own server, or the public PlantUML one)

     - Auto Table-Of-Content


Planttext is mentioned as just an online editor for plantUML but you can export a URL for the diagram. like this:

Please add this feature :bowing_man:


This is a great article on including PlantUML in your documentation on Github:

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I believe that supporting diagrams-as-text on GitHub would result in more widespread adoption of the technology in the industry, which would benefit us all. As they say, one good image says thousand words.

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I vote up, diagrams as a text is must-have for documentation.


Adding another vote to this!

I also vote for this, but given the age of this ticket I’m not too optimistic.
Likely >/dev/null, alas. :man_shrugging:


I’ve not tried it yet but what GitLab are offering (simple plantuml code block inline in markdown) looks amazing. However, for the time being at least, I work for a GitHub-first organisation - so would love to see GitHub keep up with the competition.

A picture can be worth a thousand words, as they say. Please make this happen for us. :pray:

Another vote on this. I really want diagrams as code, right there in the repo.


Please, add native support for PlantUML - “diagram as code” is trackable and at the end of the day makes explanations (documentation, etc…) easier and more concise.


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This would be a really nice feature!
Having to manually generate the PNGs of rendered diagrams and manually update it is a real pain.

Could be Markdown rendering for PlantUML, Mermaid or similar…


This is a very important feature to have. It would allow the repositories to have less binary files and more data that can be traced in the commits. Would also help to add/join documentation in the same project and help give visibility on how things work on the them.

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This does not work, the github token expires after a very short period of time, so you just end up with lots of broken image links.

We even went so far as to create a proxy we could deploy as a service and also to hopefully shame github into adding plantuml support.

The amount of hours lost with people using 10 different diagramming tools when this could be solved so easily by github with 0.00001 % of their annual budget.

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Adding a vote to this issue.

Or even add Mermaid support if PlantUML is too much bother. Anything is better than nothing.