Support theme context for images in light vs dark mode

I should definitely stop coming here everytime I look at my ugly readme logo with a white background, it’s always a disappointment. :smiley:

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How did the workshop go?

What is the status on this? Breaking 90% of READMEs seems pretty careless and not having this as a top priority already all the way back in December is astonishing.


Yep, I just read all the comments but still no fix. We definitely need some solution for this issue.


breaking 90% of readmes

wut? @tskj - i dont think that number is even remotely accurate - how many readmes are on

I looked at 10 readmes today on GH and didnt have a problem with any of them. Maybe I’m special (I am a special kind of idiot), but I think in this case its because I didn’t opt into a beta feature.

If it is not working for you and breaking so much productivity, rather than continue feeling that pain I’d suggest that you opt out of the beta immediately and open a bug for the problem.

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Normally I would agree but as a maintainer you want your readme to be readable for everyone (or at least the most amount of people possible). In general, your project should be acessible and endure a wide range of system configurations, environments and opinions.

For example, I personally don’t understand why people use yarn or a four years old node.js version or Angular, and we could argue about it for hours, but instead I’ll just make sure these people can use my project as it is, no matter how dumb their configuration/opinion is in my mind. Ideally. These are popular and established, it would just be stupid to make my project somehow “incompatible” with them, if I want people to interact with it.

Sure, I can turn off dark mode but I’m not writing my readmes for myself, but for everyone else, of which apparently a lot enabled dark mode already.

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I would rather not get an email a day with people asking “what’s the update”. They’ve made it clear they’re working on it. I keep notifications on so that when there is a solution from Github to a feature that is in Beta, I’ll see it.

Please keep the conversation here at a minimum unless you’re actually contributing to the solution with suggestions. (nnmrts you had some great ones up above!)