Support sequences for Github Actions inputs

Currently, sequences are not a valid way to pass a list of values for a single input.

In any of these two ways.

  - projects/foo
  - projects/bar
sources: ['projects/foo', 'projects/bar']

While is possible to pass a string and parse it, it does not seem like a good option when both examples before are valid yaml.

Please consider supporting this feature.

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How would you propose these get translated to the environment variables which are just strings? Some sort of special delimiter? How do you determine the delimiter?

Hi @dobladov,
It is really a great idea. Would you mind sharing those in the Feedback form for GitHub Actions? There is the more efficient and appropriate place for feature requests.
Thank you for helping us build a better GitHub Actions.

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You are right, I was looking at it with the perspective of a JS developer, so I was thinking it could be transformed to an Array when read with github actions/core.

Could be that what I propose is not possible.