Support saving environment variables between steps

With solved, the only thing standing in the way of reusing a lot of commands between Linux/MacOS and Windows when building C++ with CMake is an option to keep environment variables between steps (currently the environment is reset after each step).

For example, an option transfer-env that, when enabled, saves the environment after each step and restores it in the next step would allow me to remove a lot of duplicate code from reproc’s ( and doctest’s WIP ( Github Actions configs.

I’ve seen that it’s possible to set global environment variables with exportVariable in which makes me think that adding this is possible. If possible I’d try to implement it myself but I do not think the relevant code is open source.


Using set-env I was able to achieve the desired result.

On Windows, VS related environment variables are set by a third-party batch script, so I had to add them with set-env manually after calling the batch script. Instead of filtering the relevant environment variables, I just make every environment variable global using set-env. The script can be found here.

Thanks for creating that script.  I would be a little careful with that script as you are stomping on PATH rather an updating it with append-path.  In most cases it probably won’t be an issue but you never know. 

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I’ve been going round in cycles with this as I had my set-env like

::set-env VERSION=0.0.21-preview

Which looks like it’s working but it needs to be

::set-env name=VERSION::0.0.21-preview


Link has moved to:

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How do I actually use these variables?

I’m setting a variable like this in a script:

echo "::set-env name=app_version::$version"

And trying to use it in my workflow:

    - name: Upload Artifacts
      uses: actions/upload-artifact@v2
        name: app-${{ app_version }}
        path: ${{ github.workspace }}/path-to-upload

But before my action runs I get this error:

Invalid workflow file
The workflow is not valid. .github/workflows/publish.yml (Line: 55, Col: 15): Unrecognized named-value: 'app_version'.

I have tried initialising it at both the job and workflow level like below but I still get the same error:

   app_version: 0.0.0

The set-env command sets an environment variable, so you have to access it via the env context:

        name: app-${{ env.app_version }}

When inside a run command or some called program use whatever means the programming language offers to access environment variables, e.g. "${app_version}" in bash.

This is being deprecated due to a vulnerability - see

Now use:

echo "action_state=yellow" >> $GITHUB_ENV
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This method was deprecated due to a security vulnerability please see Support saving environment variables between steps for the new method.

It’s also possible to use job-scoped environment variables, no? See this link:

for example:

name: Example Workflow
on: [push]

    name: An example job
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest     
        - name: step 1 
           run: echo $MY_COMMON_ENV
        - name: step 2
           run: echo $MY_COMMON_ENV

Yes, but if you need to set an environment variable dynamically in a step, then you need to use environment files.