Support private organization repo (.github) for community health templates

Hi, we use the .github/ template in most of our private organization repos. Having the possibility to have this template organization-wide makes it easier for us to keep it updated. We found you support this with a public .github organization repo, but this repo has to be public.

* Is it possible to have this repository private? Having this public makes sense for communities, but less sense for company organizations.


Thanks a lot for being here @nikolaik, I can see how having this repo be private makes more sense for your org. At this time this is not an option and I’ve taken your suggestion and passed it along to the appropriate teams. Thanks again for reaching out :grinning:

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Ditto on this being a nice feature to have. Thanks for passing it along and do let us know when it might make it on the roadmap!


As a future GitHub Admin for a large company, I would also be interested on setting up templates for those files in Private Repos, therefore I am also interested on the status of this feature request :slight_smile:

Hey @andreagriffiths11 

Any update here?

Thanks for the ping @ljagiello, I’ve checked and this time don’t have any news to share.

Sorry to necro this @andreagriffiths11, but I wanted to see if there was an update on this feature.

Thanks for the ping @noahbjohnson, taking a look at our internal issue and I’m sorry to say I don’t see anything new to report.

Yeah, this is a big deal for my company too. We have executive managers who don’t want their team to have public repos but then their teams can’t use a “.github” repo.

(ps we use the local installation of GHE)