Support other github actions within composite github actions

I am trying to develop a private github action that runs on docker.
As a pre-condition to this action I want a step to checkout a repo.
In a workflow I would do it with


But as per the below description on composite Github Actions, the runs section does not support “uses”.
As a workaround, I have to invoke git clone which feels like a hack. Is there any plan to provide support for using other actions within composite actions ?

  using: "composite"
    - run: echo Hello ${{ inputs.who-to-greet }}.
      shell: bash
    - id: random-number-generator
      run: echo "::set-output name=random-id::$(echo $RANDOM)"
      shell: bash
    - run: ${{ github.action_path }}/
      shell: bash
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There is an issue in the runner repository, but unfortunately it looks like it hasn’t been worked on since Summer 2020. Or at least nothing public, I wouldn’t know about anything in private.

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I don’t see anything on our public roadmap related to adding support for “uses” statements in composite run actions at this time. Your “git clone” workaround is probably the best option right now. that, or build a javascript or container action instead.

I went through this thread. None of it seems to solve the problem

I see. It would be a requirement as time progresses. This is because orgs would want to build keep building complex Github Actions using the smaller lego blocks of github actions.
With git clone, is a simple workaround but not so for other actions.

I’m aware of that, it was meant to answer the part of your question about whether there are plans to support uses: in composite actions. :wink:

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For those that stumble here from (insert search engine), uses and with are now live for composite actions, as per this announcement: GitHub Actions: Reduce duplication with action composition | GitHub Changelog


I appreciate the update on the thread here, thanks @jethas-bennettjones

Fwiw, in theory reusable workflows may address your requirements: