Support autolink reference configuration in the API

+1 we also need this feature, we have hundreds of repositories and would love to use automated way of updating this setting.

+1 API Support for this would be appreciated as we a few hundred repositories and have at least 5 autolink references we would like to add to each.

+1 that would be really helpfull…

+1 API support would be very much appreciated

+1 for this - configuring this manually for each repo is not going to work in my enterprise.

+1 Automating the creation of autolink references is definitely something we need over at my organization.

+1 API and/or org level support would be extremely useful.


It was just recently added - APIs for custom autolinks to external resources | GitHub Changelog

I was wondering what the rollout plans of this API on GHES are. I just realized that the feature is so fresh that it is not even in GHES 3.2. Are such API extensions also introduced on patch level (GHES 3.2.x) so that potentially on the next update we get it already?

I’m asking because we are working in our team on a tool to rollout unified settings across all our repositories (general settings, team access, branch protections, Jira reference links etc.) and it seems I am hitting quite some walls there because of missing APIs. :sweat_smile:

Hey @danielku15 :wave:

Updates for GHES typically won’t get elevated here in our Community forum. Most (not all) users here will be using dotcom, and don’t have access to our direct, 1:1 Support teams. Especially for Enterprise users, contacting Support directly:

…will usually be your preferred method of communication. Depending on your contract, you might have an Account Manager, who could help discuss things like, rolling out new features.

I say this not to keep you from engaging here in the Community. Because this space allows any GitHub user the ability to pose questions at any time of day, and anyone can reply!

But if you have specific questions like this, it might be best to discuss privately, with either Support staff, or with a relevant Account Manager, who can speak to your company’s needs.

All that to say, I am not aware of the plans to roll out this endpoint, within the Enterprise space. =(