Support autolink reference configuration in the API

+1 the current solution is non scalable.

+1 for a strong desire and need for this feature. Having N repos and N jira projects makes the current implementation not scalable.

Thank you!

+1, it would be nice to have this so that github terraform provider can implement the functionality. We provision github repos through terraform and project-manage via Jira, so it would be nice to automate the autolinking when issues are mentioned.

+1 managing our enterprise orgs with terraform as well, so API would be much appreciated.

Thanks everyone, for keeping the interest going via this thread. While we don’t have any official updates, the conversation around this functionality is still active, and the activity here is noticed and influences prioritization.



+1 I honestly stopped enabling this feature because without an api configure or update it is just too tedious to setup as we migrate hundreds of repos from bitbucket.

+1 this feature. It is a huge miss and makes the migration process lacking :frowning:

+1 API support would be very much appreciated.

+1 Hopping on the bandwagon.
We should start a feature bounty and see if some bored employee will do it in their spare time…

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+1 API support would be very much appreciated

+1 I am also interested in this. We are moving many repos variously from other hosts and ideally need to set them so the references to Jira tickets are hyperlinks. Not sure what 18months between the original request and now says about GitHub listening to customer requests.

+1 we also need this feature, we have hundreds of repositories and would love to use automated way of updating this setting.

+1 API Support for this would be appreciated as we a few hundred repositories and have at least 5 autolink references we would like to add to each.

+1 that would be really helpfull…

+1 API support would be very much appreciated

+1 for this - configuring this manually for each repo is not going to work in my enterprise.

+1 Automating the creation of autolink references is definitely something we need over at my organization.

+1 API and/or org level support would be extremely useful.


It was just recently added - APIs for custom autolinks to external resources | GitHub Changelog