Support autolink reference configuration in the API

The Autolink References feature is very useful, but only configurable at a repository level. Since there’s no org-level support, this makes it very difficult to use/keep up to date for multiple links (such as to support multiple projects in JIRA) across all of an org’s active repos.

There’s a suggestion for enabling it at the org level - but allowing us to update the list of links via the github apps API would solve the problem from a different angle, and would allow us to automatically keep the list up to date with all the links we may wish to support.


Very similar to

Is there an API support for Autolink references yet ? :grin:

At the moment there isn’t a way to configure auto-link references via an API. We’ve had several requests for this, and have an internal issue open tracking interest. I’ve added you as an interested party.

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I’m interested as well (so that the terraform provider can support this functionality).

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Also interested for downstream terraform support.