Suite CRM agent tracking

Is there a way, using Suite CRMs open source product, that I can track an agent’s access? I have them set so they can see all leads in the system, I just was looking for a way to see what files they actually view. Someone said the in Sugar CRM (developed by same people) has a thing called Trackers that would do it in Sugar but I cannot seem to find it in Suite. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @suitegit,

Thanks for being here! Since your question doesn’t deal with GitHub Pages, I’ve moved your post into the Project Development Help and Advice board where you might find better help for your specific situation. You might also find your answer using the SuiteCRM Documentation or by contacting SuiteCRM Support. You might also check the issues in the SuiteCRM repository to see if your question has been asked there.

Hope that helps!