Suggestions to improve GitHub

It has passed a lot of time since the last GitHub website UI update and i find the new UI still not very intuitive, things i currently don’t like are:

  • The confusion in the repo area between private and public repos i would like to make those separated
  • The main section is way to large compared to the repo section
  • The section of “expore repositories” almost useless
  • etc.

So i would like to (if it’s possible):

  1. Make a GitHub page regaurding the Community Feedbacks so people can give suggestions about the general service with an upvote system so pepole can choose which is the most important suggestion to be first implemented.
  2. Make the UI better and more intuitive (i can also help if you give the possibility of doing so)

I know this is just an enormous thing to do, but i am only doing this to improve and help a service i LOVE.

I am writing here cause i don’t know where to ask elsewhere, if you know where is should ask, please tell me where i should and i will delete this post.

Hey! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I suggest getting in contact with GitHub here:

Per the main forum page: “If you want to submit a feature request or feedback about either the GitHub Community Forum or GitHub itself, please use our contact form.”

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