Suggestions override subject entry

The auto-suggest of topics in this forum engine is really distracting, and I lost what I was typing when it thought I wanted to use one of them.

Can this be disabled, or tamed?  it’s obnoxious.

Hi @yesthatallen Thank you again for taking part in the Community Forum! 

At this time, it’s not possible to disable the auto-suggestion feature for individual users. This feature helps ensure that duplicate Topics aren’t being opened. That said, I completely understand what you’re saying about it being distracting, and this is something we can take into consideration in future iterations of the Community Forum.

As I mentioned in your other post, in the future, I recommend sending feature requests via our contact form: We do hope to implement a better feature request process for the Community Forum in the future, but for now, submitting feature requests via email is the best way to make sure ideas end up on our Internal Feature Request list. As with your other Topic, because this is a feature request, I’ll be locking this thread from further replies, and I encourage you to send your feature request via the contact form linked above.

Thank you again!