Suggestions for users who do not code

Greetings and salutations intelligent people!

I am using Github to get tools and applications which are useful when using tools created here. Like a Mod manager for games, or analyse tool for Windows or applications.

I was a kid in the 80ies, and hang out with the computer"nerds", which is why I respectfully calls anyone who understands how to build anything with code, for intelligent. Because that’s what they are.

I am a gamer, a user and an OS administrator. I dont understand much about creating code, but I’ll understand logs, some code and what to look for (Readme?).

I am looking for newbie help, if I should get any specific tool/app from here. When I DONT CODE. I do read code to understand what the software is for. Maybe there is a simplefier for that?

In short, if I am not developing anything or are able to help with coding. Is anything useful for a user like myself?

I am a tester, for several tools connected to games. Which requires a tester one step above a normal gamer. Thats me! For some odd reason, operating systems, are an open book for me. Coding…is not.

Is there any packages/apps I should install, on my Win 10 (Home 64), that helps my browser (Dragon) or windows to function or make things easier for me to understand what I see in a tool that I am using, and testing?

And while I am at it, any tips for a tool that checks your browser for flaws/improvements?

I use debugg on webpages at times, when I either wanna check if a russian worm is hiding in the po…pictures.

Or, simply when I Am curious about a page and its source.

I cant seam to find a single tool, that scans your browser. Are there any?

I am thankful for any reaction to my post.

I wish you all a dark night. (Thats Goth speach for a good day).

– Kurnn Hatemachine

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Hi @kurnn!

I’m sorry, but I don’t have any good recommendations for tools that you might use to accomplish your goals. However, since you’re looking for help with development-related tools (even if you aren’t a coder yourself), I’ve moved your post into the Programming Help and Discussion board so that you might get some useful answers from some of our other developers.

Hope this helps!