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Continuous integration with Jenkins, similar to existing CI courses.


How to undo a change in Git


How to build a GitHub App


Hello world in Javascript

Introduction to GitHub’s REST API


How to write regexes

I would please to have a course about forking from *both* the **gui web interface** and **the comandline**. I been looking all over the place(for this info) both **on the web** and **here in the forms**. From doing my reasearch it sound like forking is accually a very genniric term. I did find this

but still very confusing i would like to have a walk though and be able to use it ona project I care about.

After take the course I would like to be able to answer the following questions.
1)What the differnce between a clone and a fork?
2)When should I use a fork?
3)When Should i use a branch?
4) How do i move my work from local machie to git hube after cloneing a repository?
4a)How do i move my work to a branch after staring some work?
5) When i run the **git clone** comand from my desktop is that the same as forking?
6)Is there a differce From forking on the web GUI and the command line?
7)How can i swich branches?
8)how do i swich between branch so i can test my work?
9)If i make a fork from the web is it made poblic to everybody else?

Even thought not a question you should explain more about how there two version of git one on the **web** and ** a local copy *** when working from a desktop and there proper terms for that.

Just a quick note I took your “github basic class” and it does not tell me how to view all the project i have on github and how to delete them. I think The slide program is not going to be very useful to me(when I git more confortible with github) and I don’t want to waist space.

Thankyou for you hard work.
Making good documention and training material is very hard to do.


Thanks for the fantastic suggestion, @frog-o!

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You should check out the Continuous integration with Jenkins, I’m also plan on taking up this course.