Suggestions for improving 'forks' screen

When looking at a project’s forks (sometimes tens or hundreds of them) it’s not easy to quickly sort out which are simple duplicates (and, therefore, totally indifferent), which are behind (even more indifferent), and which actually have some work done on them even if they lack some other commits.

(I’m personally only interested in the last category as the others are logical subsets.)

To make the whole process of identifying forks with new features and/or bug fixes easier, it’d be nice when looking at the forks page of any project to have next to each fork name an indication of how many commits ahead and/or behind the fork is. One now has to click on each and every project to get that information.

When there are few forks, it’s not a real problem, but as the number goes up into tens or more forks, it’s very cumbersome.

Thank you for reading.

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While waiting for GitHub to implement something, you might look at the insights/network tab: