Suggestions for a Dragon Browser checking tool?


Anyone got any suggestions for a Browser checking tool? Or a tool that can read the browser logs and suggest actions, and execute them? Or a site that will check your browser?

And no, uninstall, and reinstall the browser is not what I am looking for.

I use the Commodo Dragon as browser which I am very happy with. But when I check status on the brower with "chrome://", I get logs and info that I think are errors but not really sure.

“Chrome://GPU” gives a big list of the browsers GPU functions, which is an area I understand very well. There are quite a lot of errors and on/off functions there which I would like to take action on. 

But, I know enough about logs to know that some “errors” are no errors and you shouldnt do a d*m*n thing. :wink:

However, I have found minor things that the browser doesnt update nor report about.

For example, updating Dragon isnt automatic like the setting says. Easy fix but still something you needed to do manually. I have found more minor things that I fixed easy myself, but only after researching.

Is there any tool or webpage that checks your browsers settings? Everything from policys to settings to Extentions and whitelist/accepted code by the browser? I cant find any.

If this is a stupid question, I’ll allow anyone telling me so and call me a name of their choice. I only require that you state the reason. If there is a tool or site out there that does a deep check of a browser and can act…give it up please!


–Jonas The Swedish Goth


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Ok, thank you =).

I wasnt sure where to post this. I hope anyone got a suggestion for a tool. Because I cant find many tools at all on google.