Suggestion: Switch light/dark based on clock time

Please add the possibility to turn dark mode on automatically when the client is between some time representing actual night, or make start/stop configurable.


Hi @ldeluigi, thanks for sharing this feedback! If in your OS settings you have your appearance set to be Auto, you can select ‘Default to system’ in GitHub to automatically have GitHub transition between light and dark modes at the local time of your sunrise or sunset. Would that solve what you are looking to achieve?


Hi @gaknoll. Yes, your suggestion could solve the problem for some people. But for me, my OS setting is always in dark mode. Because for the OS, I feel like the dark mode is overall a better design, so your solution would not work for me and this feature request would be very helpful to people like me.

Finally, the dark theme is really a great feature, thank you for your work!


Got it, so an OS independent Auto mode for GitHub. Thanks for chiming in @ludanxer!
@ldeluigi does that also align with the scenario you were envisioning?


Absolutely. Thank you very much!

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Just like my phone switches to dark mode in apps after sun-set, I want the same behavior in GitHub.


@Hades32 Right now this can be achieved by setting your OS theme settings to Auto and subsequently setting your GitHub theme to Default to system which would allow GitHub to automatically switch to dark mode on sunset.
Are you alternatively requesting an OS independent Auto setting in GitHub?

AFAIK there is no “auto” for dark-mode on Windows 10. (Only for “night mode” which is something else).

Although I see that this is a shortcoming of windows, I think there is a legitmate use-case to not have the OS in dark-mode, but still wanting to change websites that are very bright into a dark-mode. So, yes, I’d ask for and OS independent auto/sun-set&rise setting.

I think to also add it because eg. One of my phones with android (version - 7.1 force upgraded) doesnt even have dark mode and everything i can do is reverse colors so i think it is a good idea ( for me but i think that other people can have also problems…)

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Yes please! KDE user here, which also lacks auto-dark-mode but I personally like my desktop to stay dark and websites switch automatically according to the current time. Now I’m using a browser extension to switch between themes but I have to do it manually twice every day.

Time of day best as suggested by bluelight filter people as opposed to sundown locally.