Suggestion: show github action trigger/result in pull request

Currently if I have a github action workflow where it is triggered after a merge from PR, on the github PR link it doesn’t show the triggered action.  Some other CI/CD solutions out there would show the triggered workflow (on the github PR itself).

Not sure if there is an option already to accomplish this already, if not it’d good to implement this.

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Typically for the pull request event, the triggered workflow run and status can be found in the bottom of the PR link and the ‘Checks’ tab. Screenshot as below.


For the workflow which is triggered after a merge from PR, for instance code as below. After pull request is merged, it will shows ’Pull request successfully merged and closed’ in the bottom instead, but check runs can still be checked on ‘Checks tab’.

If you still need some improvement for the UI, you’re always welcome to raise a ticket here where github product manager will review. Hope it helps, thanks.

name: prcheck
      - closed

    if: github.event.pull_request.merged == true
    runs-on: [ubuntu-latest]
      - name: step1
        run: |
          echo merged

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Great thanks, I have opened a feature request ticket as you’ve suggested.

Hi! Have the feature been developed? Can you send the link to the feature that I can monitor?