Suggestion: Remember sort on projects pages

I totally love your work on the projects. There is only one thing that bugs me. I want to be able to set the sort option on the projects page to have some fixed view of all my projects. The problem is that the sort options only get persisted in the URL


If I click on the Projects tab this information gets lost and I have to change the sort again. That gets really annoying over time.

It would be great if the sort option gets persisted in localStorage or a cookie.

Thanks for the feedback.

Your suggestion would be a departure from the way that all other sortable or filterable lists work on GitHub, to my knowledge. Issues, pull requests, even the repository list on an organization’s or user’s profile page all store the sort and filter settings via the URL. This makes things like linking to a certain search from documentation much simpler, for example searching issues for certain labels in the Atom project’s CONTRIBUTING guide. Additionally, making it so that when two different people click the same link they get the same list is good for not confusing people.

If you would like to always load a certain view, you can bookmark it.