Suggestion: Make "Default to System" the standard once out of beta

As modern systems already have a CSS selector to check wether to use dark mode or not, I’d say make the website listen to the user’s preference from the start.

I’ve noticed some websites do this by default as well, or like GitHub even lock the theme switcher behind an account sign-in process. I personally don’t think this is a standard you’d want to adhere to.

Optionally add a switcher icon to the toolbar, left or right of the login/user block, allowing the user to override their choice, but once it goed out of beta listen to the systems settings by default.


We agree with you @ZeroThe2nd! :100:
For the beta we felt the right behavior was to have users opt-in by selecting their preferred theme in their settings (while we iron out the bugs and expand coverage to additional views). But our current plan is to switch to have “default to system” as the new default for dark mode GA.


It says it right in the name. Default to system. Make it the default. If a user is using a dark theme display manager, they should see the dark themed GitHub without changing any settings.

If this is just a beta decision and it will eventually be the default, forgive me, and ignore this post.


Thanks for sharing this feedback @mishugashu! This was certainly a much debated decision on our team leading up to the beta launch. We ultimately decided that the right behavior for a beta launch was to require users to opt-in to either dark mode or matching system preferences. Our current hypothesis for dark mode GA is that defaulting to system is the right behavior for users who have not already made their color theme selection. We hope you’re enjoying dark mode!