Suggestion for sponsors feature

Not sure if anybody from github corporate will read this but I had a thought. If I put this in the wrong topic I apologize I could not find a better spot.

I noticed there is this “sponsors” feature in github. Looks like a way for us to give a bit of money to projects we like. Very cool I will start using it.

I had a suggestion for a slight tweak to this feature. If paid accounts included a small amount of money you had to use on sponsorship or it got wasted people would probably start to use the feature a ton more. Humans are funny in that they might not put effort into spending $10 on a worthwhile sponsorship but they will put a huge amount of effort into “not wasting” $10. If pair accounts had a small amount of budget you just sort of “had to use” or else it “goes to waste” I bet a lot more projects would get sponsorship. It would cause a lot more organizations to start considering where their free money went and might start more sponsorships beyond the “free” money.

Just thought a slight tweak to this feature could make a huge difference to how much sponsorship happens.

If you want the project management to read your feedback on this, they’ve moved the designation feedback to: