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Hello there,

(If I am in the wrong place for giving GitHub suggestions, please point me to the right place)
(Also, I specified “GitHub Pages” as a topic, since “GitHub Suggestions” or similar was not an option)

I would like to present a suggested fix for a small annoyance I have experienced.
When adding bug reports to an issue tracker, sometimes one might forget to add a title.
It then becomes impossible to click the “submit issue” button. (it becomes light green:)

Sometimes, when your report becomes very long, you might not see that you forgot to enter a title.
It can then be very confusing why you cannot submit your report!

My suggestion is that if the button is deactivated because no title is entered or an image is still uploading (I believe that is also a trigger for the button to become unavailable), and you still press the button, that it shows you a warning / error message about that you forgot to enter a title or that your image is still being processed, respectively.

Though a small annoyance, I think this would still be nice to have.

Yours faithfully, Coco :slight_smile:

Hi @CocoTheOwner!

Thanks for your suggestion! If you want to send this information to the product and engineering teams directly, I recommend that you use the official GitHub feedback form. To save you from having to copy all of this information over, you can always drop a link to your post in the forum for context.

Thanks so much!

Tyvm, done :slight_smile:

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