Suggestion: Flat smoothed color in dark mode

Dark mode is still unbalanced. I would say … It’s not flat, colours isn’t balanced and white border have a lot over contrast (it’s just an opinion, a suggestion).

I took a screenshot of one of my accounts

(despite the screen, I don’t suggest changing the borders of the buttons)

++ avatar have an horrible outline for bad render, mod:
.avatar -> remove -> background-color: var(–color-avatar-bg);
.avatar -> remove -> box-shadow: 0 0 0 1px var(–color-avatar-border);
.avatar -> add -> border:1px solid var(–color-avatar-border);



Thanks for sharing your feedback with us @ShapeGroup! During our beta we will continue to tweak the color system based on community feedback so we appreciate you taking the time to share this and I will forward on to our design team