Suggested handling for internal issue tracking

Hello…I’m not finding easy solutions to this, hoping someone has a good suggestion:

* I have private repositories, and pay for an organization github account, with seats for each of our developers

* I have a larger internal team that I would like to allow to submit issues, they aren’t developers, and will do so infrequnetly/intermittently…once a week or less

* It doesn’t seem to make sense to pay for github seats for each of these users

* I’m happy to create a separate repo for issue tracking, but I don’t want it to be public…I still want to keep it private.

Is there any way to accomplish this?

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Hi @andris,

I suggest you to create a small interface with Github API!

A simple form to put the issues and a simple list to … list issues.

In fact, a software “relay” with a Github API integration.

Have a good day! And good luck.