Suggested change API

Hi! Is there documentation about suggested changes API (beta)?

Hi @jirfag,

Thanks for being here! Here is a link to the blog post and other docs.

I hope this helps!


Thank you!

But there is no information in this blog post or doc how to use it by API (not in web interface)

I got it, sorry for misunderstanding

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I am looking at the linked docs, and I’m having trouble finding my way to information on doing this programmatically via API - @jirfag , where were you looking in the doc when you said you got it? All of it seems to be related to doing reviews through the UI


Think I figured it out - there is a specific set of formatting that can be used in line comments (it appears). For others finding this thread, the Commenting on a Pull Request document has a snippet like this:

else if 1 > x