suggest automatic output id for "stdout", "stderr"

There are many simple commands a user might want to run and get the output from as input for other steps, such as date, go env GOCACHE, python --version.

The most natural way to run the command as a step and get its output. Doing this now requires a slightly awkward invocation to set the output id:

run: echo "##[set-output name=path;]$(go env GOCACHE)"

I’d like to suggest that all steps have output ids called stdout and stderr (and maybe exitcode?) that are set to the stdout and stderr from running those commands. Then we could simple run go env GOCACHE and then use something like ${{ steps.find-go-cache.outputs.stdout }}. (Or maybe skip the outputs piece and add a top level stdout? Or a different intermediate object like process: ${{ steps.find-go-cache.process.stdout }}?)


Hi @josharian ,

Thank you for reaching this out! 

According to the policy, you are always welcome to share any additional thoughts here where Github action manager will look at the product feedback.