Suddenly cannot view collaborator permission

My organization is erda-project.

I have a bot account called erda-bot to subscribe pr events and recognize user’s /approved instruction. Then bot will invoke GitHub API to check user’s repository permission. Because everyone can leave a pr comment with instruction, but only persons have push access to this repository can truly approve this pr (bot will add approved label and try to merge this pr), like pr #1907.

Today I suddenly saw many error messages like below without any org and repo changes:

time=“2021-09-16T03:30:28Z” level=warning msg="failed to check write access, err: {“message”:“Must have push access to view collaborator permission.”,“documentation_url”:""}"

The API bot invoked is:

erda-bot is a member of erda-project organization.

I tested a lot and only invoke API successfully when erda-bot become orgazation owner.

But erda-bot always just a member, not owner.

Please help me. Thanks.