Submitting feedback to GitHub [Updated]

GitHub receives a variety of feedback (feature requests, bug reports, etc) ranging in type, frequency, and quality every day. By having a central place for all your feedback, we will better track and move your requests forward.

Popular types of feedback:

  • Bug report: a write-up that describes a situation where existing behavior contradicts expected (but not always documented) behavior. If your bug report doesn’t include enough information for us to answer every question, we may need to follow up with you before making an evaluation. Providing detail (or screenshots) in your bug report is the best way to help one of our support engineers get up to speed!

  • Feature request: a write-up that introduces a new feature that has yet to exist or expands an existing feature’s scope with more functionality

Great! Now how do I submit?

Simply post it in one of the appropriate categories in our Feedback Discussions.

If the behavior is unexpected, we’ll acknowledge it and open an internal issue to inform the responsible team. If there are any workarounds or alternatives, we’ll do our best to tell you. We can’t make any promises or offer a timeline for any fixes or features, but we will share what we can.


Still, implementing (perhaps via ) would be ideal for most users, IMHO.

GitHub no longer accepts bug reports at the contact form linked in this the first post of this topic.

Does anyone know where they should go instead?

Hi @sharpobject! Welcome to the community.

I see that our support team has reached out regarding the bug report that you submitted. You may want to check spam or other inbox filters for their reply if you have not already. Thank you for sharing your report with us!

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Hi @nyahbhinghiprincess,

What’s the appropriate place to submit bug reports? The contact form I used has 9 categories none of which are about bug reports. Here’s a screenshot of the categories


Hi @sharpobject, thank you for the feedback on those tiles. I passed it along to the appropriate teams. Presently our support team escalated and categorized the bug report that you sent it in. Our apologies on the lack of clarity in that experience! Thank you still for taking the time to send in a report.

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Hi @nyahbhinghiprincess,

What about the rest of us with a bug to report ?


Hi @ydirson and welcome to the community. You can still follow the guidance from the Protips article above

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That’s what’s written in various places, and it looks like I’m not the only one not seeing in this contact form how to report a bug. The only seemingly-relevant option there seems to be the link to this forum.


:wave: @sharpobject, @ydirson–– hello there! Francis here, I work with @nyahbhinghiprincess and wanted to follow up.

I wrote this article about 2 years ago and after re-reading it in 2020, much has changed since then. As a next step, I’m taking some time this week to revise the content with updated guidance. My apologies for any confusion there!

As @sharpobject shared earlier, there are a number of different topics that you can choose from. To be clear, reporting unexpected behavior with one of’s feature is not one of them (though that idea is something our team maintaining this feature is aware of).

The next best thing you can do is to open a new topic in the relevant category if you encounter any unexpected behavior (within the reasonable bounds of sensitivity). From there, someone from the community may comment and try reproducing that behavior to confirm it. Once confirmed, our support engineering team will appropriately relay it to the team that maintains the feature internally (see Codespace fails to connect: 502 and Bug? Project not showing network dependents for recent examples).

We don’t recommend selecting one of those topics and reporting the unexpected behavior that way, as our team will redirect you back to the GitHub Community Forum encouraging you to create (or add to an existing) topic.

For what it’s worth, if you’ve found a security vulnerability, our GitHub Security team would :heavy_heart_exclamation: to hear from you. Check out our GitHub Security Bug Bounty for more details.

I hope this helps! I’ll post an update again on this thread once I’ve updated the above copy. :v:


Hey @francisfuzz, thanks for the details here. I’ll add my $0.02 that not having a way to file bugs - only via the forum - is pretty frustrating; I’ve found what seems to be a bug in Github Actions but with the above steps the only action available to me is hoping that someone from the Github team notices my thread. How do we go about flagging these bugs to the Github team?


:newspaper_roll: I’ve updated the copy with the latest guidance. Thanks for your patience everyone!

Hey @francisfuzz, thanks for the details here. I’ll add my $0.02 that not having a way to file bugs - only via the forum - is pretty frustrating; I’ve found what seems to be a bug in Github Actions but with the above steps the only action available to me is hoping that someone from the Github team notices my thread. How do we go about flagging these bugs to the Github team?

:wave: @mieubrisse––Hi there! Thanks for following up. I appreciate what you’ve shared here because it helps me understand where you’re coming from.

Outside of what’s written in a topic’s subject and body, there’s not a specific way to “flag” these for our team to review.

However, I can see how having such an indicator could be beneficial for the support engineers on my team––they could use it as a way to quickly surface these reports and appropriately escalating them to the appropriate team.

I’ll bring it up with them and while I don’t have any timeline for any new changes, we’re open to hear suggestion from you and the wider community around this flow. :ear:


I’m a bit confused by the information provided in this post.

If I have understood it correctly, to report a bug about Github, I should create a post on the Community Forum, as mentioned on the Contact Form. Does this mean the Community can make those bugfixes?

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:wave: @dragondive - great question! If you have a bug report about, we encourage you to create post in the Community Forum. Once the post is created, the community is welcome to share similar reports or openly troubleshoot the report to determine if what’s reported is unexpected behavior. In addition, our team of support engineers are monitoring the forum for these reports so confirmed issues can be escalated to the appropriate team.

The source code for (the application) is not publicly available. However, there are some components that the github organization has open sourced for the wider community to benefit from. I hope this helps!


I don’t want to flame but this feels like a joke. I’m trying to report a bug I have in a private repository. Google leads me to the Email address. Email there returns saying I shall check So here I am. However the How to I submit one part about sensitive data doesn’t work. There is no option where I can report my bug.
Although this is about a private repository I guess I still would have to post this in the public forum.

Very disappointed honestly, even though of course I’m just a student and not a power user.

A little background to the bug: In my private repository another user pops up when I commit which by default should not be possible since the repository is private. Still it happened and it looks like another person committed to my private repository. I don’t know if this person also gains access to my data then this would be a security issue as well.


I’m trying to report a bug I have in a private repository. Google leads me to the Email address. Email there returns saying I shall check So here I am.

:wave: @matt3o––thanks for sharing that feedback here. GitHub Free user and organization accounts can use this forum to report any unexpected behaviors with (among many other activities), to which one of our support engineers can investigate further. If you have a paid account (like being on the Pro plan), you can contact GitHub Support directly](

I see where you’re coming from, and it’s something our team is aware of. We’ll be sure to forward it internally so they’re aware of your feedback. As far as the behavior you’ve reported, I’m reminded of an article one of my colleagues wrote a few years back: Why is my commit associated with the wrong person? Laura’s article is an excellent reference I’ve shared with other customers in the past as a first step toward explaining possible causes for having the wrong person associated with some commit, be it in a public or a private repository.

If the explanations outlined there don’t match up with what you’re seeing, we’d like to kindly ask that you create a new topic in our GitHub Help section. Showing steps for reproducing this on a public repository would help the community and our support engineers investigate it further to evaluate the report.


Thanks for taking the time to respond to my question. I had a different understanding earlier, and with your response, it is now clarified. Your response is certainly helpful, and I understand there’s not much you can do about it when Microsoft has put a paywall between Github support and its users.

It would be helpful to have a one-time payment option for specific bugfixes (even though the practice of making users pay for bugfixes is a bit … let’s say, interesting). For instance, if I am affected by only one or two bugs, I don’t see why I should subscribe for an entire year to get them fixed.


Thanks for the quick help! I looked it up and since this is a new PC git author / email was unset which defaulted to 'matteo '. I guess the private user (crazyteo89) I saw as the pusher has registered this as his valid Email address?!
Extremly confusing, however I understand how the isssue the issue emerged. I did expect Github to associate my account with the SSH key and not with the name of the email address. If I understand that correctly I could push with Linus Torvalds Email address and it would show up as if he had commited to that repository which looks like a security issue to me (even though this surely is a convenience feature).

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GitHub is the most popular website for hosting open source projects, and it’s used by many large companies. I would expect them to take maintenance and support more seriously.

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Posting on the community doesn’t seem to achieve anything. There are some people that may try to help, but the bug is never properly addressed by GitHub.

Any feature suggestions seem to get ignored as well.

It is really frustrating.

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