"Submit new issue" button disabled!


I was composing a new issue when my network connection went off without me knowing. When I pressed the “Submit new issue” it got stuck of course.
After the connection came back my issue was not posted so I started to compose a new issue again but now the “Submit new issue” button is disabled (grayed).
I removed cookies and reentered github but this strange problem persists.
What can I do ?

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There are a few reasons why that might be disabled. If this is a public repository, could you share which one?

Can you open issues in other repositories? Have you tried with a different browser?

the repository is

in another repository I get exactly same problem ! (I tried just one)

I use chrome and I am hesitant to install another browser just to test this

There isn’t anything on your account that should be preventing this.

Can you try logging in and trying to open an issue using an Incognito window in Chrome? That will at least let you know if one of your Chrome extensions is causing trouble. Please make sure you have your Chrome updated.

If that doesn’t work, I would recommend trying another browser so we can first rule out browser issues.

Make sure as well that you have an issue title. The button will remain disabled if there’s no issue title.


problem has been solved after a reboot and restart of Chrome
I suspect an extension as you mentioned

Thank you !