Style of commit messages from Dependabot

I was wondering how dependabot figures out the style of commit messages to use? The doc says that:

GitHub Dependabot attempts to detect your commit message preferences and use similar patterns

I’ve recently switched one of my projects to conventional commits (<type>(<scope>): <commit message>) and made sure to use this commit style in the recent commits with a linting workflow.

However, a recent update kept using the old style and I had to squash and merge to edit the commit message. I was a bit surprised as another project I switched earlier was fine: Dependabot used the new convention.

Is it only a matter of time for Dependabot to pick up the change? Is there anything I can do to nudge it?

@browniebroke - Greetings and welcome to the GitHub Support Community! I’m sorry no one’s gotten back to you until now, but I’m here to help where I can.

That’s interesting behavior to report. I’m wondering if you’re able to reliably reproduce this in a public test repository? Steps for doing so would help us inform our engineers maintaining this feature.

In general, I think it would only be a matter of time until Dependabot picks up the change. As for nudging, I think that updating the dependabot.yml file with a trivial change (adding a comment, adding a space, or something else) may help in the future (it’s not elegant, but it’s something that’s helped me when debugging GitHub Actions workflows and similar features relying our eventing system).

I’m wondering if that helps with what you’re looking for? :thought_balloon:

Thanks for getting back to me. Dependabot eventually picked up the new commit style, it was actually pretty quick, an update from a couple of days later was fine.

It’s not a big problem, but maybe it’s something that could be explained a bit better in the documentation. Just to set expectations, saying that only the most 3/5/10 recent commits are considered for instance would be a good indicator of when we can expect the detection to change.

All resolved on my end now, thanks again.