Study on security aspects about LoRaWAN

Hey everyone,

I am a 3rd semester student in the Master Technology & Management at the Technical University of Munich, Germany.

In the course of my master thesis I am working at the chair of Prof. Henkel on the security aspects of LPWA technologies, especially the LoRa network. The focus is on the possibilities of Open Source Software (OSS), i.e. how can the security of the LoRa network be improved by publishing parts of the software? Is this possibility already being used? And if so, with what consequences?

This work is a preparatory work for my master thesis with the overall goal of publication. Therefore, as a first step, interviews shall be conducted to find out who has which experiences with 1. the security aspects of LoRa and 2. OSS in general and in relation to LoRa. In the second step, hopefully my master thesis, a larger survey will be started which should provide a more detailed insight.

Since LoRa has in parts already been published by Semtech, I hope to find people with expertise regarding this area on this platform. If there are any experts on OSS in general and in particular about LoRa reading this and interested in talking to a newbie in this topic, please feel free contact me (

If you know someone with experience regarding this topic, a referral would be of great help.

Thank you very much!