Study materials for getting started as a freelance web developer?

Hello, i am a computer science university graduate and i have decided on becoming a full stack freelance web developer. Which would be the best courses or books to get me started on landing small web development jobs and going from there? Stefan Mischook seemed trustworthy to me and his course seems to be what i m looking for, do you think it would be a good idea to embark on the journey by picking this one up? Otherwise, is there any other course that you would suggest that could cover me for the fundamentals and for popular freelance gigs on web development? I am also open to reading books, however, i m mostly seeing people suggest books on learning specific languages and i m not sure about how much these would cover me considering i need knowledge of different programming languages, tools and also some guidance on non-programming skills and knowledge useful to get succesful as a freelancer.

Which bring me to my secondary request, aside from a course/book on the practical programming skills, i would also like to learn about stuff like how to present my portofolio and my self in general in ways that will draw clients to me, along with other strategies concerning useful soft skills and whatnot. After i ve prepared myself, i ll probably go to upwork or a similar site and start there, so knowledge about how to efficiently maneuvre such a site could also prove useful.

make your GitHub as your portfolio, create small projects that are neat and testable just to demonstrate your skills,

the language is just a tool, basically what the company will require you is up to them, you will be learning that as you continue working with them, but of course it’s best to learn trending languages and frameworks nowadays

as an example, look at my profile and projects

I was a graduate of Education to be a teacher (and have been working for 8 years), but I was hired immediately because of my technical skills, and even though I’ve never been employed as a developer, sometimes I would be assigned to develop a system and that is the reason why I have been retained, because you know, it’s really tough, there are so many applicants every end of school year, and the reason why I’m not leaving the Education field is that I am paid well

attitude is one, they are looking that particularly in an interview,

when I transitioned to another school, I applied too many times in different companies not even teaching, just to have an experience applying outside the teaching world,

one common among them is that they are still looking for those who are willing to learn and being humble, they are not looking for a really talented one, as long as you want to learn as you do your job, that’s a very good for them,

check this out for interview tips at FAANG

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