Student status confirmation. Part II


In this topic @arelia denied my application for student pack so I could submit a new application. But the form did not request student ID photo and I just sent an application with e-mail in university domain. As it turned out I should switch marker on the gmail e-mail and back on @spbgut for getting a message for adding student ID photo. Can you deny application again, please?  Good gracious! When will it end!

Hi @nikgul1995,

Apologies for the delayed response, are you take care of now? We can flag this for the folks at education to take a look if you still need some assistance, again apologies for the delay.

Hi @nikgul1995,

Your application for GitHub Education student benefits has already been approved. You do not need to submit a student ID if your school email address is already approved. It looks like you’re all done! We hope you enjoy the Pack.


Hello, I am a Chinese student, I love programming very much, just a few days ago, I applied for Github’s student bag, but until now, there is no news, can you help me solve it? Looking forward to your reply, I would like to express my sincere thanks!