Student Pack request rejected

Hello. I recently sent a request for student pack. My institute is in Bangalore, India while I live in Delhi. Due to COVID-19 situation, my institute has been closed down for the foreseeable future. The reason for rejection was

“You applied from a location which does not appear to be near this school. If you are taking classes off-campus please reapply with documentation indicating so.”

I am not going to be visiting my Institute any time soon however I have given a valid ID card of the institute with end of program date mentioned clearly on it. Can anyone on support team help me with my case?

:wave: Hi, and welcome.

You are welcome to submit documentation stating that your campus is closed due to COVID-19. This will help our education team reassess your application.

Please submit a new application at the link below - the reviewers will still have access to your previous application, so you only need to submit the newly requested information.

Hello, I am a Chinese student, I love programming very much, just a few days ago, I applied for Github’s student bag, but until now, there is no news, can you help me solve it? Looking forward to your reply, I would like to express my sincere thanks!