Student Pack Registration Asking for Incorrect Email Domain

Heyo! I’m having a problem trying to sign up for the Student Pack. Typing in the name of my school prompts me to choose an email with a certain domain (let’s say, and does NOT let me upload other forms of proof. When I try to press continue with a personal email address selected, it gives me this error:

Thing is, is NOT the domain my school email uses. As far as I’m aware, everyone in my school instead uses a school-district-wide domain (including students, faculty members, administrators…) for their emails. This school-district-wide domain is not listed in the accepted list of email domains for my school.

Is GitHub Support even the right place to ask for help here? I’m super stuck, any insights from the community would be appreciated :eyes:

P.S. I already opened a ticket for this (#1134285) as well as attached my proof of enrollment there, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to also ask here. Maybe I’m just being really dense and this kind of issue is explained already elsewhere, who knows?

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I think opening a ticket was the right step, but I believe there are a couple relevant things I can tell you now:

  1. They don’t require the academic email unless people have been successfully using it to apply for the pack. So that might mean that students used to have this email domain and don’t anymore. Unless schools are actively partnering with us, we’re unlikely to be notified of changes in email policies.

  2. What you’ll want to provide is proof from your school that students are not always issued email addresses with the old domain and anything else relevant, such as if the email addresses are for internal use only. If this has been a recent change in policy, there might be a document easily available to you, or you might have to ask a school official to issue a letter on letterhead, or even to open a ticket with us directly. If your school handbook includes any details about the domain in their internet use/email policy that can also be useful.

I hope this helps!

Thank you for your response!

  1. Make sense.
  2. I have no idea where I’d go to ask for that and to whom I’d ask for that, but I’ll try to figure something out.

Have a great day :slight_smile:

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I’m trying to sign up for a GitHub student pack, but it requires a certain email domain for my school, which the school doesn’t actually use anymore, as a website or an email server. This means that I can’t sign up. Could I have some help please? Thanks.

Hi @tramcrazy I’ve moved your question here since it’s the same query and the same answer applies.

So should I get a letter from my school teacher informing you that the domain has changed?

It should be something from the school - that can be your teacher, the administrative office, IT - they can open a ticket themselves in order to have the email domain changed, or if they provide you with an official letter (typically on letterhead, that kind of thing), you can attach it to a support ticket yourself.

You can also share the GitHub Campus program with them if you think they’d be interested!

Thanks! I did have a support ticket open, but it was archived without being replied to. I’ll get a letter from my teacher in the next few days and submit it.